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How White Crime Writers Justified Police Brutality

We don’t need any more novels or TV shows about cops who do the wrong thing for the “right” reason.

John Fram for The New York Times

I wrote about how white writers of crime fiction have failed to critically appraise the American police.

Growing up Queer in Texas – and Discovering a Different World Through the Mysteries of Barbara Vine

How could anyone possibly be accepted as two people at once?

John Fram for Crimereads

I wrote for CrimeReads about the wonder and horror of queerness, Texas, and pseudonyms.

Odd Blood: Serodiscordancy, or, Life With an HIV-Positive Partner

The pills are $2,000 every month. The doctor visits never end. And there’s always the possibility the virus could spread. Otherwise, it’s not so different.

John Fram for The Atlantic

I wrote about the experience of living in a serodiscordant relationship in a pre-PrEP world.

The Cult of Amazon

Who would write, almost daily, 1,000-word overviews of composers and music that most of the general population has never heard of and probably don’t care to know about? Inside the weird world of Amazon’s most hardcore reviewers and their quest for the best.

John Fram for Pacific Standard

I wrote about the cult of diligent shoppers who review avant-garde classical music on Amazon.